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The Cronus Zen Trap

It is likely that you have been familiar with of the brand name Cronus Zen and wondered What does it mean by Cronus Zen? Well I did too and I have the answer you've been looking for, put on your gaming limb or seat belt and let's take a brief stroll down the an lane of universal controls.

What is Cronus Zen?
Cronus Zen Device
The Cronus Zen device is small and is designed to allow you to use any controller or mouse as well as keyboard for any console or PC which you are able to take your dirty, oily, Cheetos covered gamer nerd hands on.

The device is a controller converter based upon the CronusMax controller emulator and scripting technology. It's designed to bring harmony to the separation that some players may experience when they own an Xbox or two. For instance, there are users who wish to use Xbox Elite Controller Xbox Elite Controller with the PlayStation 5 and not suffer from lags or the absence of functions which the device is expected to provide.

What is Cronus Zen?
All controllers for all consoles

It is expected to come with lag free with fully customizable mapping buttons to actions such as customizing paddles, and even be able to mod the controller with aim bot, with no recoil, quick scope aid for rapid scoping like a noob who doesn't have anything better to with their day instead of feeling comfortable playing around with cheaters in games that are multiplayer.

Look I'm all in for the possibility of using a PlayStation 5 controller on a Nintendo Switch or Mouse and Keyboard for games that do not support it because of lazy developers but if you're modding for your own pleasure or the sake of that is no bueno or acceptable for me.

What is Cronus Zen?

It is a legit little device that I am not interested in getting it, however, I have a few friends that would love to get one to be able to play on consoles with Mouse and Keyboard without any input lag or take your Xbox controller to the Nintendo Switch.

If you decide to test it or have one please share it with us on socials by using the SLA streaming Live Academy socials where we can talk about this puppy.

Cronus Zen seems to be the answer for PC as well as console players who want to control what buttons they click using their controllers, without the need to purchase the top controllers for every platform.

The Cronus Zen also allows you to connect your Xbox and PlayStation headsets with any console that you'd like to use it on , so headsets that do not allow you to sync across platforms won't stand a chance of mixing and mixing and.

Xbox Elite Controller 2
Speaking of mix and matching this device will allow you to set a paddle for example , on the controller, to run a script, where it is possible to drop shots within Call of Duty using just pressing 1 button.

It is interesting and if it truly is maintained, and as per the makers and sellers of the device, it can't be detected, unless you apply mods, in which case any of the players who have unusual behavior in the game can end up triggering a alert to the video game creators or platform of choice and cause you to get ban therefore be cautious or avoid being a bad mob or loser with others in situations where you shouldn't be modding.

When or if I can get my hands on this I will be testing it with you as well as Streaming Live Academy and find out if it is truly the best device, as the manufacturer and seller are declaring it to be.

What is Cronus Zen?
What is Cronus Zen?
It is an adapter for universal controllers which allows you to utilize any console controller on any other console, like Xbox on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch and vice versa. what is a cronus 's designed to be invisible to the console it's on and it is possible to modify and map the buttons to perform any action you require to do.

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